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Council President's Message

Autumn (or fall) is finally in full swing and we will soon be preparing for the holidays. It doesn’t seem as though we’ll be able to have our usual large family gatherings, but that could change day to day. The reports seem to vary according to the channel we watch, or the “expert” who is the latest to expound on the safest way to get through COVID-19 and not contribute to the spread. Regardless of how we celebrate, whether in person or on Zoom, we’ll have our turkey dinners and pumpkin pies, and our Christmas trees, complete with all the lights and wreaths. And our homes will be filled with the wonderful scents of holiday baking.

All indications are that we’ll have a pretty severe winter – and if you doubt it, just ask the squirrels! They are out and about in abundance and their tails are REALLY REALLY fluffy! We have (had) a very pretty fall display in the yard, with corn stalks, Indian corn, fancy pumpkins of all sizes and a few scarecrow figures. Well, the Indian corn was eaten and all the pumpkins have gouges and a tribe of squirrels were caught in the act of attacking the display – which is still nice, but not very pretty anymore.

Holy Spirit celebrates in-church and online services every Sunday, and communion on the first and third Sundays. Pastor Michael Dunne has arranged for communion by appointment for those who are still attending service virtually, as well as virtual Bible study/conversation on Thursday evenings. And, in November, we will celebrate 50 years of worship in the community.

So, once again, as I said in my previous message … we will survive this because we can. And for the duration of this COVID-19, I pray for us all, pray for our nation, and pray that we all stay safe, stay well, and sane.

May God bless you all!

Linda Nieswand,
Council President